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Joshua Adams (that’s me!)  lives and breathes entrepreneurship, web development and marketing. I mean, I’m the guy that works all day with PHP and WordPress, developing businesses and coming up with marketing ideas and then when I’m done… I relax by tinkering with PHP and WordPress and coming up with more business and marketing ideas!

Starting early in my programming career as an 11 year old Qbasic programmer, I have always been fascinated with creating using the programming languages. I would spend countless hours as a kid programming my own games or applications in Qbasic and loved every minute of it. I still have the floppy disks (remember those?!) that I used to use to take around with me and show off my programs. I was drawn into the web world by its infinite possibilities when I turned 14.

Ever since, I have pushed my limits in the web design field and that really got me my start in business and marketing. I spent the next few years being a very very busy teenager, freelancing, starting and operating a lawn care company, working as a construction foreman, serving as a youth pastor and eventually founding my first web design company (SWT Web Design) which several years later merged with a print and design company to form a full service marketing agency (Creative Impact Solutions). Another three years later I moved on from Creative and formed Rock Paper Simple, a web design agency. I’ve since begun providing marketing consultation services and have founded several other companies.

My passion is to develop simple solutions to solve complex problems; to help my clients and partners produce results for their business online by not only providing them with the customized tools to do it, but by teaching them how to speak and market to their target audience. I love to teach and speak at events regarding any subject related to web design and marketing.

I spend my free time rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing Ultimate Frisbee and playing/collecting board games. I also enjoy learning all I can about the marketing and web development field, leadership and ministry. I am energized by teaching and interacting with other people and am always looking for ways to connect with others, especially those with like-interests. So if you are reading this… reach out, I’d love to learn about you and your passions and perhaps we can find a synergy to help each other take it to the next level.


“Consider a mistake not as a roadblock, but as one more
confirming road sign pointing you in the direction of success!”
-Joshua Adams